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Iliria Grape Brandy

A premium grape brandy made of a select, autochtonous grape variety known as Katroshi; grown in our family vineyards in Lekaj; an indigenous Albanian region of Malesia. The Lekaj hillsides have an ideal terrain that produces a very ripe grape and thus a fruity aromatic grape mash. After 21 days of fermentation, the wine juice is distilled in a traditional manner using copper stills and wood burning ovens. This slowly distilled process produces a grape brandy with fresh and unique aromas of white orchid and vanilla. The taste is enticing with flavors of honey and blueberry. Enjoy the finest grape brandy.

50% Alc./Vol.     750 ML

Malesia Grape Brandy

Malesia grape brandy is named after the autochtonous Albanian regions near Lake Shkodra in southwest Montenegro. This Malesia region has a reputation for producing fine grape brandy and Fishta Distillery continues that tradition with a passion.
We begin by carefully selecting grapes at the peak of ripeness and allowing the wine mash to ferment without any sugar additives. After which, the wine mash is distilled using wood burning copper stills. These traditional techniques provide a grape brandy, that is smooth tasting and rich in raisin aromas. Enjoy it served slightly chilled in a snifter glass. Cheers! Or as the Albanians of Malesia say "Pritsh Mir".

50% Alc./Vol.     1 Liter

Skrapari Grape Brandy

Skrapari is a grape brandy produced in Skrapar, Albania, which is reputed for being the best distillers of grape brandy in Albania. Alba-Lejla Distillery prides itself for using centuries-old techniques of the Zeberzan village for distilling the best grape brandy in Albania. Cheers!

Skenderbeu Aged Brandy

Skenderbeu Brandy is a top quality beverage, rich and mellow in taste with its own unique character. 

Appearance: Light brown (color of gold)

Aroma: Aged oak, vanilla, and honeysuckle

Taste: Smooth and silky, typical of aged brandy

Rilindja Barrique

Fishta Winery uses a traditional style of wine making by monitoring the grape from initial growth from the vineyard, using yield reduction to assure good ripeness, then hand picking the grape selection from our premium vineyards that have a gravel, mineral terroir, which produces a smaller grape berry, very ripe and higher juice concentration. Afterwards we crush the grape and let it ferment with skins for 10 days to achieve the wines full body and deep violet color. Then we age the wine for 8 months in Slovanian oak barrels to produce a bold, full bodied red, with ripened fruit aromas of black currant and cherry, followed by oak and vanilla hints. Appreciate the well balanced, silky smooth taste, and soft tannins paired with red meat, pasta, and salmon. "Cheers" or as the indigenous Albanians of Malesia, Montenegro say "GEZUAR".

14% Alc./Vol.     750ML

Birra Korca

Gold color and clear sighted

Birra Korca has a fine and soft foam with a slight malt flavor. It has a characteristic aroma and flavor of lupulos.

Produced with quality malt, the barley is selected. With a pleasing balance of varieties of aromatic and bitter lupulos, it contains no additives.