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Birra Korca

Gold color and clear sighted

Birra Korca has a fine and soft foam with a slight malt flavor. It has a characteristic aroma and flavor of lupulos.

Produced with quality malt, the barley is selected. With a pleasing balance of varieties of aromatic and bitter lupulos, it contains no additives.

Skrapari Grape Brandy

Skrapari is a grape brandy produced in Skrapar, Albania, which is reputed for being the best distillers of grape brandy in Albania. Alba-Lejla Distillery prides itself for using centuries-old techniques of the Zeberzan village for distilling the best grape brandy in Albania. Cheers!

Skenderbeu Konjak 

Skenderbeu Cognac is a top quality beverage, rich and mellow in taste with its own unique character. 

Appearance: Clear liquid, without the presence of impurities and foreign matters

Color: Light brown (color of gold)

Aroma: Character of the beverage "Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu" without foreign orders

Taste: Characteristic of the beverage without strange tastes